My favourite tree

Have you ever paused on the boulevard
just to notice that tall, old tree
and his brown bough with cut patches
just to ask if he’s all right?
Or do you think he cannot see you
just because his eyes are missing
and his lips are covered under his trunk?
Its just stupid science and your idiot mind!
For this is the tree who knows me better,
Better than anyone can ever do
I need not say him “Hi” every time
or tell him about the things I do
But still somehow he knows everything
and he must be thinking the same of course!
The days when i didn’t look at him at all
he might have guessed about my ‘good’ day
or the times when i gave him a smile
he might have suspected somethings not okay
Maybe we are those kind of friends who
are mutually connected but not verbally
Or we are just strangers, curious about each other
but he is shy and introvert as well
and he must be thinking the same of course!
We have our own close and best friends
some of those trees are always with him
and some of the birds occasionally greet
and he must be thinking the same of course!
I dont need to convice you of anything
If you cant get me and my foolish things
you’re free to ignore, but even if you do,
do not forget to give him a smile next time


The Playlist

As he sat beneath the sky

with his favorite song in the ears

it all seemed so simple

as if those were not-so-bad years

Actually the problem is time

for it wont ever warn you of anything

neither it’ll stop faking with your memories

nor it’ll show you the unforeseen

The music kept on playing and playing

And that breeze took away his consciousness

again taking him back to what he was once

and delighting him with so called opulence

Oh no! He didn’t notice what he missed

that sleep just went too long

and time started fleeing away

just like escaping with the ending song

He must get back to where he belongs

but wait! It was just the first one

The whole playlist is still to be played

and it still gonna last until its all done